Traveling on the Edge of a Primal Reality


This website offers photographs depicting what it’s like to pedal on three wheels,  for three weeks, through three states. Text explaining the 980 mile trek in detail appears on the Daily Summary page. To learn more about this unique manner of transportation, please visit Trike Asylum. Enjoy the pictures, feel the exhilaration, and imagine the challenges that come with such an endeavor. It’s a lot of work, but worth the results. See ya’ …

 ICE Qnt at sunrise in Mojave Desert

 Glen Aldridge, Canadian Adventurer, feeling strong and confident on his Trident Stowaway trike

 Living on the land with trikes and tents … the gypsy life!

 Gary Bunting cresting the first challenging hill of the journey on his Catrike Road with Burley trailer

 Steve Greene’s ICE Qnt perched on the Crater Lake rim of Mount Mazama