Traveling on the Edge of a Primal Reality

Day 02

DAY 02: August 27, 2011 (Saturday)

Scottsburg, Oregon to Elkton, Oregon: 19 miles (57 thus far)

No hassles last night about camping on lawn. Foggy morning, cool. Rex struck camp and left early. Bathroom facilities for last night were simply surrounding woods. Stopped at Bob’s Market in Well’s Creek, 3 miles past last night’s camp, to get food and eat breakfast on convenient picnic table out front. Paula and Beth rode up as we were finishing. They had stayed at Loon Lake Campground last night (7 miles off Hwy 38). Talked briefly, and then packed up and pedaled on. Sunny and warmer today, shady portions of road are welcomed. Glen’s arthritis causes him discomfort at times, yet he is strong and keeps a good pace. Gary’s gross weight of trike, trailer, and body is around 350 pounds, and takes its toll, yet each day will bring improvement. Glen and I are not pulling trailers. I pulled a trailer on my 2009 trike journey, an experience I found laced with multiple downsides, so now prefer to travel light and fast with optimal maneuverability. Stopped at Elkton Community Education Center for Glen to use his wireless netbook. We rested, Gary got ice cream and snacks, and I posted update on Trike Asylum at library computer next door. Glen and Gary were desirous of waiting until later in afternoon to continue over the Coast Range, and then after a couple hours, decided we should stay at Elkton RV Park tonight. At camp, Glen had 3 flat tires from tube material failures, since bicycle shop had inflated his tubes to 180 PSI to seat the newly released Schwalbe tires onto the stock Trident rims, which reportedly have a known sizing incompatibility issue with certain tires. The Umpqua River is next to our camp area. Very scenic and relaxing. Glen decided to return to Florence tomorrow rather than chancing continued rim/tire/tube problems farther from any easy points of rescue. A somber ambiance falls upon the crew, realizing we will lose a member tomorrow, after only 57 miles of riding together. The two and a half days of bonding makes this difficult.