Traveling on the Edge of a Primal Reality

Day 03

DAY 03: August 28, 2011 (Sunday)

Elkton, Oregon to Tyee BLM Campground: 14 miles (71 thus far)

Glen got a ride at 10:00 AM back to Florence with campground host Marv Fredrickson, with his trike in the bed of Marv’s red Dodge Ram super duty dually pickup. Gary and I continued on without him to Highway 138. Very warm today compared to first two days. Full sun, no clouds, but still cool compared to what we will experience in upcoming desert regions like northwestern Nevada. A mile past Elkton, after turning off Hwy 38 onto Hwy 138, we encountered one of many long uphills, which began taking its toll on Gary’s left knee. Kept pace so that his knee would not get too painful considering all the uphills. Rode a half mile off our route to stay at Tyee campground on Umpqua River. Gary bent his rear derailleur arm in campground when attempting to ascend steep little rise in too high a gear, shifting down quickly, with chain sticking between two rear cogs, and then trike rolling backwards. Fixed bent arm fairly well on picnic table, and he got it shifting better than before with assistance of young fellow in adjacent campsite who happened to be an experienced bike mechanic (now homeless and living out of car). After midnight, Gary caught same man in our campsite near Gary’s trike and trailer. Very suspicious. Man had no acceptable reason why he was near the trike and gear. No further incidents remainder of night.