Traveling on the Edge of a Primal Reality

Day 06

DAY 06: August 31, 2011 (Wednesday)

Susan Creek Campground to Boulder Flat USFS Campground: 24 miles (143 thus far)

Had dream last night that both brake and shift cables broke within 60 seconds. Had 4 other people on trike with me, so they all pushed with their feet while I steered up the mountains. Trike supported all the weight. What a nightmare! Breakfast eaten and camp struck early. Hit road at 8:00 AM to begin challenging ascent of Cascade Range on Hwy 138, called Oregon’s waterfall route due to numerous scenic falls along way. Met Roy Hewson from Cave Junction, Oregon – fly fisherman, 66 year old vegan, very fit. Sunny day, lots of shade from heavy forest cover, which helped on difficult grades as day progressed. Planned on staying at Clearwater Falls Campground, which would have been a 40 mile day, but turned out to be too far at this point of Gary’s adaptation to this mode of transportation, so pulled in at Boulder Flat Campground after 24 miles, which was just adjacent to a highway improvement reconstruction area of several miles. Set early camp at 4:00 PM. Gary is getting fitter by the day, less need for long rest periods. Our campsite had our tents right on the Umpqua River, which again made for peaceful sleep and perfect setting.