Traveling on the Edge of a Primal Reality

Day 08

DAY 08: September 02, 2011 (Friday)

Diamond Lake Lodge to Broken Arrow Campground: 6 miles (176 thus far)

Short easy day. Only rode 6 miles so as to optimally position ourselves tonight for tomorrow’s very challenging ride up the side of Mount Mazama to Crater Lake. I realized the push to the summit would test Gary to the limit and beyond, and with his knee issues, today had to be quick and easy with a long rest before Saturday’s maximal effort. We took our time, did laundry, ate breakfast, chatted with people, and rode the bicycle path that circles the large lake rather than the auto roadway. Talked for a while on the path to a Eugene, Oregon husband/wife recumbent bicycle team, both 75 years old, who ride their bikes across the entire United States, as well as other countries abroad. Broken Arrow Campground sits at the southern end of Diamond Lake, and the bike path provided a shaded easy, and mostly flat, ride. Stopped at the south convenience store. Gary had a beer and crackers and cheese while he chatted with a couple of ladies about their dogs. I ate a Clif bar. We pitched our tents at 2:00 PM among the pines, with a great view of Mount Thielsen. Gary worked on his trike maintenance by placing his Catrike on the picnic table, then we had Mountain House freeze dried dinners and a campfire before retiring to our tents for the night.